The joy of dealing with Our citizen friendly everhelpful bureaucrats

Most residents of Tamil Nadu will be familiar with above picture which adorn the walls of many Government offices. (

One of the purposes of TeAM is easier and transparent interaction with public. The above link clearly talks about some great citizen friendly attributes such as

Maximise satisfaction of registrants

Security of data

Anywhere registration

Online registration

Online payment

Online service

The website also claims simplified transparent registration in a single visit and provision for Aadhaar based services.

Last month my friend’s daughter got married. As per the rules marriage registration has to be done within 90 days . Of course with our very helpful and co operative officers and e goverment being seriously implemented , we expected this process to be quick and simple.

It took quite a few visits to the Registrar’s office for us to realise that registration of a marriage is a very complicated process. We also realised that Aadhaar is not acceptable as proof of address and anyway it has to be produced in original. Now this is very confusing as UIDIA clearly states that Aadaar number is sufficient as the ID can be verified on line. Apparently all rules are subject to suitable interpretation by our erudite babu’s.

The next surprise , proof of residence can be established only by ration card . Even though Aadaar card and valid driving licence is submitted , ration card is still a must. It naturally follows that without a ration card one may not marry as one cannot register a marriage without a ration card. Strange indeed are the ways of our babu’s as a ration card is only required for subsidised rations. So does that mean those who do not need government rations may not marry? Needless to say while we were impressed with the modern office with no dusty files littered around , the human element hasn’t changed much. Unfriendly , slow, unsmiling (grim faced) , un helpful and so on.

And finally yes the marriage certificate has been signed and will hopefully be handed over to the newly weds (not so newly) if they can satisfy a few more conditions of the babu’s.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai! May be only Goddess Durga can help us.!!

Incidentally the above is a true experience , venue Coimbatore , date this afternoon 4 March 2018 ; Result : Awaited

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